TOP 3 Homemade face pack using mango

TOP 3 Homemade face pack using mango


Mango is the king of fruits. It must be added to the diet as well as in the beauty regime.They contain collagen which helps to make the skin smooth and firm, thus reducing pre mature ageing. It has high moisturizing power which makes skin smooth and soft. It is suitable for all skin types.
It contains Vitamins A and C, which helps in toning and rejuvenating the skin.

1. Face pack for Tan Removal:

Take the pulp of a ripe mango.
Add 4 teaspoons of Bengal gram flour (besan) to it.
Add ground walnuts and 1 teaspoon of honey.
Mix it well into a fine thick pack.
Now softly rub this pack on the affected areas of your body.
Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.
Apply this pack twice per week continuously to have visible results.

2. Mango and egg facial

This is another very beneficial pack to get a glowing skin.
Add a whisked egg white to the mango pulp and add few drops of honey.
Apply this on the face and neck and leave it for 15 minutes.
Rinse it with cold water with a mild face wash to remove the smell of the egg.

3. Mango Curd Face Pack

Make a smooth paste with mango pulp, curd and honey.
Apply this mixture all over the face using cotton ball and wait for 20 min.
Then wash the face with cold water and pat dry the face.
This pack reduces tanning considerably and leaves the skin soft and supple.