Top 3 Kiwi Fruit Face Masks That You Can Try Today

Top 3 Kiwi Fruit Face Masks That You Can Try Today


1. Yoghurt and Kiwi Face Pack

Yoghurt and Kiwi, both have one thing in common. They both are equally good for consumption and topical application. To use:

  1. Finely chop the fruit (or use the readymade pulp)
  2. Mix it well with a tablespoon of yoghurt.
  3. Apply the paste evenly on your face
  4. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes
  5. Wash off with warm water for a glowing skin.

2. Almond and Kiwi Face Pack:

Almond is a major source of vitamin E. This, when teamed with Vitamin C of kiwi makes for a great face mask. To use:

  • Soak a few almonds overnight
  • Crush them the next day to make a fine paste with little besan/gram flour
  • Now add chopped kiwi/kiwi pulp to this paste
  • Use this paste evenly on your face
  • Wash off after it dries

3. Avocado and Kiwi Face Pack:

Avocado has vitamin A, E and C. All these are essential good for a healthy and glowing skin. To use:

  • Mash half avocado and kiwi until it’s smooth and creamy
  • Add honey to the paste to make the pack more nourishing
  • Apply it evenly to your face and keep it for 15 minutes
  • Wash off with warm water.

This face pack is for all those who need an anti-ageing solution