Top 5 Amazing Health Beauty & Benefits of Cardamom

Top 5 Amazing Health Beauty & Benefits of Cardamom


1.Cardamom is a breath refresher 
Traditionally used as a breath refresher in India and China, the spice was even included in a special flavor blend launched by Wrigley’s a while back,
named Eclipse Breeze Exotic Mint, advertised to be able to fight even the most persistent bad breath odors.

2.Cardamom has mild antiseptic properties for teeth and gums 
Again in Asian folk medicine, cardamom has been used for hundreds of years for alleviating the symptoms of tooth and gum infections. Simply ingesting a daily drink with at least half a teaspoon of ground cardamom added is enough to access the antiseptic properties of this wonder spice.

3.Cardamom can aid with a sore throat, lung problems, the common cold and coughs
Basically, whenever you feel that you’re coming down with something and it’s affecting your breathing, you can count on the same wonderful antiseptic and decongesting properties of cardamom to alleviate your discomfort. It has been known to work even against tuberculosis, in its initial stages at least. Warm drinks spiced with cardamom and at least one session of inhaling their steam should do the trick.

4.Cardamom lowers cholesterol and prevents coronary heart disease
The detoxifying and diuretic effects of the cardamom also help this spice become a blessing to your bloodstream and thus to your heart, which will deal with less cholesterol and will be able to function easier as a consequence. It is also known to prevent the formation of blood clots and to help fluidize the blood.

5.Cardamom has anti-oxidant and cancer-prevention properties 
Last, but not least, cardamom also has wonderful anti-oxidant properties, which makes it a powerful ally in fighting skin ageing and the overall ageing of the body, as well as degenerative diseases and tumors. It also prevents cancer and many other similar diseases.